Infant Care


Our first room is for non-mobile infants.  In the non-mobile infant room, our teachers provide warm, comforting care for the young infants.  With our low ratios, 1 teacher to 3 infants, we are able to spend lots of one on one time rocking, snuggling, and singing to the infants.  Each infant will have their own crib with mobile to use during nap time. We help simplify parents lives by providing diapers and wipes which are included in the tuition.  Also, we keep a set of bottles at the Academy during the week (bottles provided by parents), for each infant, which are washed and sanitized daily and sent home on the weekend.  Parents will provide formula, breast milk, and baby jar food. Our second room is for mobile infants.  In the mobile infant room, our teachers are able to start the communication process with simple sign language, such as “more”, “please”, and “thank you”, to help the infants express their needs.  Our teachers also begin “circle time” in this classroom. These circle times vary in length due to the short attention span of this age and consist of songs, stories, and reading books to the children.  The children will transition from cribs to mats in this room prior to moving on to the toddler room. Each child will have their own mat and sheet provided by Castle Academy. Parents will provide a blanket and change of clothing to leave at the Academy.  Both infant rooms have cameras which can be accessed by parents with a username and password to view their child. Food and milk (Royal Crest) is provided once the children are on a standard table food diet.   View Infant Curriculum Goals