General Information



  • Labor Day
  • Thanksgiving Thursday and Friday
  • Christmas Eve: Castle Academy closes at 3:00 p.m.
  • Christmas Day – As well as the week between Christmas Day
  • and New Years Day – including New Years Day.
  • Martin Luther King, Jr. Day
  • Presidents’ Day
  • Memorial Day
  • Independence Day (Fourth of July)

Castle Academy will give notification in advance of any other days the Academy will be closed.


Castle Academy opens each weekday at 6:00 A.M. All children must be signed in and escorted to their classroom by an adult. Parents need to allow enough time to assist their children in hanging up their coats and bags, bring them into the classroom, and say goodbye.


The Academy closes at 6:00 P.M. Children are to be picked up at the agreed time. Children must be signed out at the time of pick-up by either parents or guardians or persons specified in the child’s records. It is best to notify the Academy if the parent will be late so that the child does not feel abandoned.

If someone other than the persons on the “Authorized Pick-Up List” is to pick up your child, a written, signed and dated note should be given to the director at the child’s arrival. We will also ask for at least one form of identification from individuals who are unknown to us.


We provide a hot lunch daily for the children who are enrolled in our lunch program. We serve nutritious, balanced meals which include servings of grains, fruits, vegetables, and meats.

We provide a mid-morning and an afternoon snack daily. The children participate in preparing the snack as much as possible. We serve nutritious snacks including natural foods, fresh fruits, vegetables and fruit juice or milk.

We require a quiet rest or nap time for all full-time children. Some children may need sleep; others may only rest. We try to accommodate each child’s sleep needs. Children who cannot go to sleep but have shown us that they can rest quietly for twenty minutes are given some books to look at quietly while others are sleeping.


Castle Academy will not discriminate against any child with special needs (physical, behavioral, cognitive, etc.). Close communication with the parents is essential to providing quality care. If the child has already been evaluated by his/her public school feeder system, we will work with them to implement the IEP that has been developed. Parents are required to submit to us their child’s most recent IEP, and keep us updated on progress. If we feel a child should be evaluated so that he/she can get extra help early on, we will make recommendations to the parent.

We will admit any special needs child on a trial basis for one month, after which we will require a conference with the parent(s). At this conference, we will assess whether we are able to adequately provide care for the child with our current staffing patterns. If we are not able to meet the child’s needs within our current staffing patterns, we will give the parents the time and assistance to find more appropriate care.


All visitors to the Academy must sign in, giving their name, address and reason for the visit. If the visitor is unknown to the Academy’s staff, he/she will be asked to show at least one form of identification.


Colorado law requires that our staff report all known or suspected cases of abuse or neglect.