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We are currently hiring Early Childhood Teachers, Teachers aids, and substitute teachers

Pay is $12-$17/hr for full time employees depending on qualifications.

We offer health, vision, dental, and life insurance.  Great paid time off, lunch provided, and a great family atmosphere.

Please contact us for details regarding job opportunities at 303-663-7300 ext. 3 or print off the application and bring it by our office.

Employment Application

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It is our goal at Castle Academy to prepare your child for Kindergarten whether they will attend a private or public school in any community. At the beginning of the Pre-K year, your child should have some basic skills in the areas of math, reading-readiness, social/emotional development, and practical skills. Strong work habits, listening skills, and appropriate behaviors are necessary for your child to smoothly transition into Kindergarten.

The following is a list of skills that your child should acquire while in Pre-K;

  • Separate easily from parents
  • Self-help skills (clean up after play, dress oneself, independent bathroom skills)
  • Play independently and stay focused with a friend for 15 minutes
  • Follow basic classroom rules, structure, and directions
  • Recognize some letters, numbers, and sight words
  • Write some letters, numbers, and shapes
  • Recite rhyming words and opposite words
  • Listen to a story and repeat back some major points
  • Grip a pencil and crayon correctly
  • Write name in upper case letters
  • Understand basic math by adding, counting, sorting, classifying, measuring
  • Willingly participate in age-appropriate lessons and activities
  • Make good choices, confident in a classroom setting, begin to build good character traits
  • Participate without frustration, does not tire easily
  • Accept teacher’s authority, need little or no special attention for making poor choices

Introduction to sight words including: A, I, IT, IS, IF, IN, ON, AT, AN, AM, HE, WE, ME, BE, NO, NOT, SO, GO.

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