Why Preschool Matters

Portrait of a cute cheerful girl with painted hands, isolated over white
Portrait of a cute cheerful girl with painted hands, isolated over white

When it comes to the education of your child, preschool is very important as it helps them get their start in the educational process. Education is a lifelong endeavor and children who start at an early age to learn about the world around them will be better prepared for formal schooling that will educate them over the next 13 years.

However, understanding what preschool is and why it is important offers insight into what it can offer your child. In this manner, you can make the best decision about where to send your child when they turn three or four as preschool offers many advantages.

Is Preschool Really Important?

There is plenty of evidence that says preschool is important to the development of a child. This is because they are exposed to the alphabet, numbers and shapes where they first grasp the basics of what they will build in their educational process. Plus, they start learning to socialize with others, getting along and sharing with other children in the preschool.

Preschool really makes a difference in the early development of a child as studies have shown better reading and math skills as well as a stronger vocabulary which shows augmented communications skills over children who did not attend preschool. That is why preschool is recommended for all children before they start kindergarten.

What Preschool Accomplishes

What preschools accomplish is helping teach children how to be students so that they are more prepared when kindergarten begins. While attending specific classes such as gymnastics or music does augment learning abilities, they lack the actual training that preschool has when it comes to being prepared for advanced grades. There are simply skills that preschool can train that other types of early education will lack in the development of a child.

The child will learn many social skills in the preschool environment such as being respectful, compromise and how to solve problems. It is in preschool that many children start to develop their sense of self, build up their confidence and play with children that were otherwise strangers to them outside of close friends and family. Such social skills are very important in the development of a child as they progress through school. That’s why preschool offers skills that go beyond the basic learning that is provided by the teachers themselves.


At Castle Academy, we are Montessori based.  The Montessori model provides hands-on learning experiences through sensory exploration that require specific tasks and materials.

We believe in the value of early experiences for a child’s development. We believe in providing the kind of environment and experiences that encourage children to become creative, independent, responsible, self-directed and that start them on the road to becoming fully functioning adults. We provide a safe, positive and accepting atmosphere where children can safely explore their environments and their individual abilities.

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