Special Occasions


If a birthday is to be celebrated away from school and the entire class is not invited, please mail invitations. If the entire class is invited, feel free to bring the invitations to school to be passed out to each child. Please be considerate of our children’s feelings and comply with the above request.

Children are invited to celebrate their birthdays at school. If parents choose to bring a birthday treat, we prefer a treat which is nutritious and healthy. Some suggestions for nutritious snacks are: fruit salad, melon balls, fruit and cottage cheese, fruit juice bars, raw vegetables and dip, carrot, pear, apple cake or muffins, granola cookies, cornmeal muffins, banana or raisin bread, bagels and cream cheese, yogurt push ups, etc. The teachers can help you with other ideas. Parents often donate a book, puzzle or game to the Academy in the child’s name. The birthday child has the honor of giving, not just receiving, on his/her special day. If you wish to donate an item, the classroom teacher or Director can give you ideas of what the class would enjoy.

The class will sing Happy Birthday to the birthday child as well as make a special birthday crown.

If you plan to bring a treat for your child’s birthday, please notify us ahead of time so that we can plan snack time around it. We will also inform you as to the number of children for which to plan. Parents are always welcome at their child’s birthday celebration.

Field Trips

Castle Academy Filed TripsThroughout the year, the Preschool children may go on field trips. If the occasion does arise where the teachers believe that a field trip would enhance the children’s’ learning, a notification/authorization form will go home with each child and must be signed and returned before the trip. Teachers will be transporting the children and will meet the staff-to-child ratios. Children must not be permitted to ride in the front seat of a vehicle unless they are 4 years old or over, more than 40 pounds, and are secured in a seat belt at all times. If children are less than 40 pounds and are not 4 years of age, they must have a car seat left by the parents. Children will not be allowed to stand or sit on the floor of a moving vehicle, and their arms, legs and heads must remain inside the vehicle at all times. The children will never be left unattended in the vehicle. All teachers will have a first aid kit and be current with the First Aid and CPR classes. If parents are driving children while on a field trip, they will be asked to show proof of insurance, a valid driver’s license and will also carry a first aid kit in their vehicle.

When we leave for a field trip, we will post a sign saying where we are going and when we are due to return. Someone will always stay at the Academy in case a child arrives at the school late and the class has already left.