Emergency Procedures

We have regular fire and disaster drills at school.

We urge each family to plan what you will do if disaster strikes during the day when you and your child are separated at work, school, etc. You will find helpful disaster planning information in your phone book.

The children at the Academy are taught to listen to the teachers’ directions. We will assemble and count everyone and give aid and comfort as needed. We will stay with your children until you or someone of your choice can get to the Academy.

We have stored flashlights, radios, first-aid-supplies, food and water. Teachers all have First Aid training, CPR training, and Universal Precautions training.

The Academy is equipped with a basement, which will be utilized in case of a tornado warning. We will conduct regular tornado and fire drills for the children’s safety.

Teachers in each room will have a list of the children that are present that day in their classroom. Periodically, they will check to see that the number of children in the room matches the number of children on the sign-in sheet. Should a child be missing, the Director or head teacher will be notified immediately so that the assigned staff can search the building and grounds. If the child is not found, the Director or head teacher will take the appropriate steps to notify the police/guardians and conduct a search of the surrounding areas.