Our Curriculum Approach

Since children learn through play, we plan our indoor and outdoor time to encourage this activity.

Through play, children reenact experiences, try out different roles, express ideas, develop vocabulary, process information, widen their world view and relate to others.

Children learn by doing, so we provide first-hand experiences as a basis for expanding knowledge about our physical world. Children also understand things that are real or concrete rather than abstract. We emphasize the process of learning rather than the products.

We believe that adults need to facilitate learning by discussing with the children what they see, hear, smell, taste, touch and feel, helping them to increase understanding. To this end, there are times during each day when teachers direct group discussions and introduce concepts and learning experiences.

Knowing that children learn from what adults do, we model the behavior we want to encourage. We strive to show understanding and respect for each person and use words to express needs and feelings. We try to learn from mistakes instead of labeling them failures.

We believe that growth and development happen best in a supportive, safe, orderly environment where rules, limits, expectations and plans are known. We strive to be clear, consistent and firm in these areas.

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Castle Academy Curriculum Approach

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