10 Signs of a Great Preschool

Okay, you have a son or daughter that is just about ready to start preschool. You are nervous and excited and you want your child to get the best there is to offer. How do you find that ‘right’ school that will be best for your baby?

Get ready early is the first thing. There are a number of things you should do prior to picking out a preschool and it will take some time. You should begin your search at least several months prior to the time to actually enroll them. In certain areas long waiting lists just to get your child into a preschool are the rule, so start looking now.

You can begin by talking to your friends and co-workers to see where their children go and ask for advice. You will narrow down the field and shorten the selection process. Once the list is manageable you need to check out the schools themselves by making physical visits.

Top 10 Things to Look For

  • Are the children having a good time at the school? Children should not be wandering around with nothing to do.
  • Do the teachers work with all the children at once or do they spend time with them in individual sessions? Children need plenty of individual or small group time.
  • Do the teachers use natural methods of teaching and not just worksheets or books? The more teachers utilize everyday situations the better for the preschoolers it will be.
  • Are the schools walls covered with student’s artwork utilizing their own original pictures and words or do they all look alike? This will tell you whether they are letting the kids be expressive or just ‘follow the leader’ style of teaching.
  • What types of materials are present in the school for learning? Are there picture books, toys, art materials, building blocks, puzzles and other learning tools available to all the children? You don’t want them all doing routine mass activities all the time.
  • Do the teachers spend time with all the kids or do they also spend time with them individually? Children learn at different levels and should be taught that way as well.
  • After having completed a project, are the children offered a minimum of an hour to just play? After all, we are talking about kids here, not adults.
  • When teachers read to the class do they do that just in a group or can they also read to them individually or in a small group?
  • The children should always have more than ample time to play outside. That time should never be restricted.
  • The children should always be eager to go to school. If they aren’t you should look into why not. There will always be a reason and you need to know what that is.

Good hunting and there are some really great preschools out there. Go find one!