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Covering Preschool Programs, Kindergarten, and School-Aged Programs

Our childcare programs are designed for infants as young as six weeks to children as old as thirteen.

The staff at Castle Academy knows the importance of a safe and caring environment to develop a happy and healthy child. The creators of Castle Academy created a nurturing school and program that’s built on education to prepare children for a love of learning.

Castle Academy has been owned by the same family since it opened in August of 2000, and you will still find the owners onsite.

Castle Academy has many learning-based programs including full-day childcare, full-day Pre-K, part-day preschool programs, and school-age programs designed around before and after school care.

We also operate during summer. We can provide to and from local school bus service, and all parents will appreciate our low teacher-to-student ratio for both infant and toddler care.



Castle Academy prides itself in our infant care with a low caregiver to infant ratio. We host two rooms which separate infants by their mobility. Learn more.


Young Toddlers

Our first toddler room is designed for toddlers up to two years old. We provide a low teacher to student ratio for structured care. Learn more.


Older Toddlers

The second toddler room is designed for children aged 24 to 36 months. Toddlers continue their education from the previous classroom while learning potty-training. Learn more.



Our preschool program is based on several child care models and educational programs. We’ve put together the best qualities of these models for an excellent preschool program full of fun and learning. Learn more.



We run a full-day Pre-K program at Castle Academy. Structured class time runs from 8:30 AM to 4:30 PM. Castle Academy boasts a 10:1 ratio for our Pre-K program. Learn more.


Before and After School Care

Castle Academy offers clean facilities, safe bus rides, a variety of activities, and exciting field trips for before and after-school programs. Learn more.

Director:  Jodi Green
Hours of Operation:  6am – 6pm, Monday – Friday

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Castle Rock Child Care

Castle Academy School Best of the Best

Our classes and programs


Castle Academy offers wonderful, low ratio care for infants.  We have two rooms which are separated by mobile ability. Learn more about our infant program.

Infant Classrooms


Castle Academy offers, low ratio, structured care for toddlers, with two classrooms which are separated by age. Read about our toddler program. 

Toddler Classrooms


Our Second room is for toddlers in the 24 to 36 month range.  The children will continue their education in this classroom while learning to potty train. Read about our program. 

Two Year Old Classrooms


Our preschool program is based on what we believe are the best qualities of a number of different models of child care and education. Learn about our preschool

Castle Rock Preschool

Pre K

Castle Academy’s PreK is a true full day pre-kindergarten program.  The structured portion of the day runs from 8:30am to 4:30pm with a 10/1 ratio.   Read about our PreK program.

Kindergarten Classrooms

Before & After School/Off Track

Our programs offer comfortable, safe busing, spacious and clean rooms and lots of fun and exciting field trips. Explore  our before & after school/off track program.

Before and after school programs